Realised projects


  The Fantastical World of Croatian Naive Art
Exhibitions organised, or jointly organised, by the Croatian Museum of Naive Art in the last six years have drawn over 200,000 visitors. Of projects put into effect abroad, we would first of all draw attention to the showcase retrospective exhibition The Fantastical World of Croatian Naive Art held in the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, from mid-February to the end of May 2000. One hundred paintings of ten of the most celebrated Croatian artists of the Naive were put on show (Ivan Generalić, Virius, Feješ, Skurjeni, Rabuzin, Gaži, Večenaj, Kovačić, Lacković and Josip Generalić). The authors of the project and the book-length catalogue were Vladimir Crnković, Michael Milkovich and Franjo Mrzljak; the exhibition was attended by 50,000 art-lovers.