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David Aldridge's Monday morning column, The Morning Tip, is on hiatus. Before he took off, Aldridge asked for volunteers to fill in while he's away.

Howdy. As I finish up vacation -- the regular Tip returns next Monday -- our last Guest Tipper of the summer is political consultant David Axelrod, a veteran of Senate and gubernatorial campaigns who spent 2008 getting a little-known U.S. Senator elected to a job we like to call President of the United States. The 60-year-old New York native grew up an avid baseball fan--his father, Joseph, pitched at Long Island University--but he has always been equally fond of the orange leather. Axelrod met his wife, Susan, playing in a co-ed league in Chicago in the late '70s. His career in journalism began at an accelerated rate -- at 27, he was a chief political writer for the Chicago Tribune, where he met and cheap nba jerseys became close friends with another political reporter, Sam Smith, who soon left the news side of the paper to begin covering sports, and the Bulls, and went on to write the best-seller The Jordan Rules.

But Axelrod is best known for being one of the chief architects of the campaign of Barack Obama in 2008. Axelrod met Obama in 1992, and devised the wholesale cheap nba jerseys media strategy for Obama's Senate campaign in 2004. Soon after, Axelrod was part of the Senator's inner circle as his groundbreaking presidential campaign took flight. After Obama was elected President in 2008, Axelrod became Senior Advisor to the President, and was Obama's chief strategist for his re-election campaign in 2012. All the while, Axelrod kept an eye on the ups and downs of his beloved Bulls--he has been a season ticket holder since 1976.

Cheap nba jerseys wholesale annual Bulls' championship run every Chicagoan knew with absolute certainty would come.

When the Jazz knotted up the Finals at two games apiece in '97, I jumped on a plane to Salt Lake City for Game 5. The mayor of Salt Lake at the time was my client and offered me a couple of seats, but they were up in the far reaches of the Delta Center. Given the gravity of the situation, that would never do. A friend and I found a ticket broker, cashed in our college funds and bought a pair in the fifth row, directly opposite the Bulls bench, from where we could furnish our critical moral wholesale nba basketball jerseys support.

Today, he shares his thoughts on the team, Tom Thibodeau's firing, Michael Jordan's spelling and playing pickup ball with the 44th President of the United States.In the '90s, I always took care to keep my May and June schedule light. I wanted to make sure my calendar was free for the, cheap nba jerseys from china Jordan scored an amazing 38 points, collapsing a few feet from us into Scottie Pippen's arms when the final buzzer sounded. He simply wasn't going to let us lose.We came to expect such miracles. We took for granted that each season would end with Michael, Scottie and the Zen Master, Phil Jackson, standing before an adoring throng in Grant Park, holding the Larry O'Brien trophy aloft. It became a Chicago spring tradition.

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